Zynga Shuts Down 11 Mobile and Facebook Games

Like many of us, Zynga has resolved to lose some weight in the coming year. However, for the social game giant, cutting fat isn’t a matter of vanity; it’s a matter of survival. 11 Zynga games, including several iOS and Android titles, received the final needle throughout December. By the tail-end of the year, the deed was just about done.

The following Zynga games were switched off while we were being merry:

Mafia Wars Shakedown (iOS)

Forestville (iOS)

Montopia (iOS/Android)

Mojitomo (Android)

Word Scramble Challenge Edition (iOS)

PetVille (Facebook)

Mafia Wars 2 (Facebook)

FishVille (Facebook)

Vampire Wars (Facebook)

Treasure Isle (Facebook)

Indiana Jones Adventure World (Facebook)

No more Montopia.

Some people affected by Zynga’s Facebook are eligible for virtual goods in other games, including CastleVille, FarmVille 2, and Mafia Wars. As for Zynga itself, it looks like the company is already bracing itself for what might be a rocky 2013 thanks to growing competition and falling stock. With over 30 games scattered across iOS, social, and Android platforms, the company still takes up a lot of real estate in the causal scene, but it’s obviously sharpening its focus.

[via TechCrunch

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