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Zombiewood Review

It would be foolish to think zombie video games will go out of fashion anytime soon, so the only reasonable response is to try to enjoy them. Zombiewood can help. In this game, Los Angeles has been overtaken by the undead, and you play as an actor trying to make zombie movies using the infected as unpaid extras. It’s silly and cartoonish, and a nice break from the serious horror-themed games coming out this season.

Zombiewood is standard a dual-stick shooter, so zombies of all shapes and sizes emerge from the ground, shambling toward you to eat your brain, and you sidestep and fire guns in all directions to fend them off. They all fall fairly easily but, like in most zombie movies, their strength is in numbers.

Nothing like zombie splatter on a sunny day.

Since the game is based around making movies, the different settings are called “films” instead of “worlds.” Each film is comprised of several levels, and each level has an objective, like “protect the boy,” “put out the fire,” “kill 200 zombies,” and the like. Each level also has five achievements you can earn, and in order to progress to the next film, you need to rack up a certain number of achievements.

As you blast through crowds of zombies, you’ll collect coins you can spend on upgrades and more powerful weapons. Every once in a blue moon you’ll also collect a few dollars, which let you skip levels and jump ahead if you’re having trouble progressing. Naturally, you can purchase either form of currency by spending real-life money through in-app purchase.

Zombiewood doesn’t bring anything unique or new to the world of dual-stick shooters, but it does offer a satisfying zombie kill-fest for free. Gameloft has sharpened their freemium design skills, and they make sure there’s always something new for you to do as you play. Zombiewood’s gameplay might not wow anyone, but its psychological hooks are as sharp as the teeth of the undead. Just don’t let it eat your brain.

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