Zombie Highway Goes Free To Celebrate Upcoming Spin-Off Driver’s Ed

One of our favorite high-score games, Zombie Highway, is free this week in anticipation of the launch of next week’s not-quite-a-sequel, Zombie Highway: Driver’s Ed. Read our review here and download this excellent game here to get in practice for the Driver’s Ed spin-off.

The original Zombie Highway was unique in that it let you run over zombies, Carmageddon-style, or swerve to knock them into abandoned cars and scrape them off your ride. You can also fire weapons out the windows, but ammo is limited, and some of those zombies can take a lot of damage while they try to flip over your car.

As we established in our hands-on preview this week, Zombie Highway: Driver’s Ed contains several new features that will be found in next year’s Zombie Highway 2. Driver’s Ed doesn’t have any guns, but it does have The Popper, an explosive device attached to every zombie that you can activate by remote control. You can also look forward to three different stretches of road, a satisfying combo kill meter, and dozens of tough challenges that will earn you extra spending cash.

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