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Zombie Gunship is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Zombie Gunship Review

Zombie Gunship is a castle defense-style game in which you face overwhelming odds from a horde of the undead. Yes, the zombie apocalypse is in full force, and the rotting hordes are advancing on a human base that you’re in charge of protecting. Like in all high score games, you’re doomed in the end– the question is how long you can hold off the slaughter.

If you’ve played a gunship level in a Call of Duty game or watched Youtube videos of actual Apache helicopters in action, you’ll recognize the grainy, black and white visuals of Zombie Gunship immediately. The idea is that you’re in control of the weapons on an aircraft that’s circling the base where the humans are holed up. Your goal is to wipe out as many of the invading zombies as you can, while steering clear of the civilians who are also trying to make it to the base. Kill too many civilians or let a zombie into your base, and it’s game over.

Like fish in a barrel.

The graphics and sound are simple but effective. The undead appear as the dark figures trying to make it into the base, while the warm-blooded civilians appear white. Depending on which gun you have equipped, you look down on the environment from three different levels of zoom. When you see a zombie you’d like to fire at, you tap the fire button. Some ammo takes longer to reach the ground than others, so you have to aim accordingly.

So far so good, but here’s the really fun part: each zombie you destroy gives you coins that you can use to upgrade your defenses between between rounds. These upgrades grant you bonuses like faster firing and quicker cool-down for your weapons, as well as other improvements like radar upgrades and extra coins for zombie kills. All of these upgrades have a noticeable impact on gameplay, making them very satisfying to collect. Of course, if you have more cash than you have time, you can stock up on coins via in-app purchase.

Ruh roh.

On the downside– there’s always a downside– the game only contains one map. Since terrain doesn’t affect the gameplay all that much, this isn’t a major issue. But it would be nice if they’d switch it up a bit, because looking at the same black and white environment time and again does become monotonous.

Like many of the most popular games on the App Store, Zombie Gunship has a simple concept and an addictive upgrade mechanism. On the other hand, since there’s only one map and only so many upgrades you can get, you’ll probably lose interest after a couple days. But gamers with itchy trigger fingers will have a lot of fun riddling the undead with bullets before they become bored. Pick this one up for a quick, satisfying blast of fun.

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