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Zombie Flick is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Zombie Flick Review

Assuming the zombie theme on the App Store hasn’t jumped the shark yet (Note to self: make a game about a zombie shark), a game like Zombie Flick might have enough creativity to squeak by. And by squeak, we really mean splat, the sound of a can of baked beans making contact with an undead little old lady.

In Zombie Flick, there’s not a shotgun or sniper rifle to be found. Instead, your hero inexplicably chooses to make his last stand on a pile of random junk. In addition to heavier zombie-repellant objects like bricks and electronics, you’ll also be able to do the same amount of damage with bunched-up paper and whoopee cushions.

Flick ’em like boogers.

Your lethality with a roll of toilet paper is never questioned, so long as you can make it skip to multiple zombie heads. To aim, you just place a finger on your target and release with a flick.

At the same time, you’ll have to keep turning around to make sure zombies don’t sneak up on you, and extras like slow-mo mode and encouraging phrases like “goregasm!” are your incentive for staying alive. That, and the OpenFeint high scores.

So is Zombie Flick a pile of junk? We thought the two gameplay modes– unlimited and two-minute survival– were very repetitive , and after a while the thrill of braining the undead with random objects wore off. But technically, Zombie Flick is very polished with great graphics and sound design.

Before too long, Zombie Flick can start to feel like Skee-Ball, with more blood and guts and no prizes. It’s a creative take on an overused genre, so even if you’re getting sick of zombies, it’s worth a quick flick.

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New App A Day: Zombie Flick

Today’s featured new app is reminiscent of the scene in Shaun of the Dead, where Shaun and Ed cart out a random box of junk to toss at the zombies in their backyard. Wrenches, toilet paper rolls, or mugs– they’re your ammo in Zombie Flick.

In Zombie Flick, you stand behind the police barricades that are on all four sides of you. Like in Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies, you can repair these barricades anytime you like. As you turn, you can target zombies by placing your finger on their heads and flicking in any direction.

You’ll then hurl whatever you happen to have in your hands, taking them down with a headshot or knocking them to the ground. If you swipe at an angle, you can skip your shots like a stone on water, nailing multiple zombies.

Like in The Incident, much of the fun comes from seeing what random junk is going to go flying next. Watermelons, bowler hats, and cans of baked beans are not your typical anti-zombie weapons. Also, to go with the movie theme, pausing the game brings you to a cheesy Intermission screen, with goofy organ music.

Zombie Flick looks like a different take on the overplayed zombie shooter genre, but we’d still like more modes than just the two that are available. Still, we think it’s sharp-looking and well made, even if it can get a little repetitive.