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Zombie Tsunami is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Zombie Tsunami Review

These days, it’s super hard to get excited about yet another endless-runner game, let alone another zombie game. The App Store is positively clogged with these, so when one manages to stand out you have to give it some props. Zombie Carnaval by Mobigame, while not reinventing the wheel, manages to be unique and fun enough to help it stand out from the crowd.

What makes Zombie Carnaval worth a look is the main conceit of the game. You control a lone zombie running through the streets during a zombie apocolypse. While running, you’ll encounter hapless civilians just waiting for you to eat them. When you do, they’ll join you and you can ‘recruit’ more and more victims for your army of the undead to run around wreaking havoc throughout the city.


The addition of multiple runners adds a new element to the event. Now instead of just one runner to watch out for, you’ve got to concern yourself with numerous characters (we got as high as 12) and having more and more zombies makes the action move faster and makes avoiding obstacles that much more difficult. A larger mob can, however, make things easier by letting you turnover cars, buses and tanks, plow through bombs and collect more coins.

Throughout your marathon of carnage you’ll sometimes unlock power-ups that can temporarily turn your zombies into ninjas, quarterbacks, Chinese dragons, or giant mutated brains. Each of these has its own powers which can significantly alter the way you play for a little while. Collecting coins during the game allows you to buy upgrades for your zombies, silly hats, new locations, or items that can help make things a little easier. You can spend real world money to get more coins, but you never feel like the game is forcing you to spend the money, and the it’s completely playable and fun all on it’s own.

A wizard did it.

You’re always presented with different objectives to accomplish, and doing these can give you bonuses as well. Also, the more humans you munch on, the more brains you collect. Your number of brains is tallied up after every run. Reach a certain number of brains and you get a lottery ticket which you can ‘scratch’ to win you coins and bonuses. So there are a lot of ways for you to achieve success without feeling like you have to shell out cash to accomplish anything.

Zombie Carnaval may be yet another endless-runner game in a long line of them, but like last years Grim Joggers, it’s different enough and fun enough to be worth your time. With its humorous and well drawn graphics, simple but clever gameplay, and massive number of missions to tackle, you’ll be laughing and cursing all at the same time, but enjoying yourself while doing it.

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