ZeptoLab Announces Pudding Monsters

ZeptoLab made Cut the Rope, one of our favorite physics puzzlers on the App Store. So when they announce a new game, our ears perk up. They’ve just announced that their next title will be Pudding Monsters, a “puzzle adventure” game that stars cartoonish globs of pudding. Watch the trailer below.

We don’t know a whole lot about how the game plays yet, but we do know that the adventure kicks off in a refrigerator, and you’re in charge of taking the pudding monsters out of the house and across town to save their buddy. Along the way, you’ll encounter various kinds of pudding monsters, and you can meld them together to create an “Ultimate Mega Monster.” Based on the screenshots to the right of this article, the gameplay appears to be grid-based.

It’s great news any time a developer as talented as ZeptoLab comes out with a new property, and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on Pudding Monsters. We’re not sure how much it will cost, but Pudding Monsters is set to release later this month.

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