Zen Bound 2

Universal Game Center Rating: 9+

Zen Bound 2 is a game from Secret Exit Ltd., originally released 1st April, 2010


Zen Bound 2 Universal Review

A year ago, Zen Bound proved itself to be a gamer’s ultimate therapy. Wrapping wooden objects in string to paint them proved to have an odd, calming effect on our minds. In this sequel, Secret Exit kept to their same award-winning formula. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as engaging to play on the larger screen, partly because the game now requires awkwardly long swiping gestures.

In a sense, Zen Bound 2 is more of an ‘HD’ version than a full-fledged sequel. It retains all of the content of its predecessor, but now it splits up the levels into new tree tiers. There are also some new wooden objects, including familiar iPhone characters like crossover king John Gore. However, it all feels like you’ve played this game before.


The big change to the formula comes in the form of ‘paint bombs’. These are attached to either the string or needles that stick out of the wood. When the paint bomb touches the wood or rope, it explodes, creating a thick coating of paint over a certain radius.

Different trees use this aspect in various ways. For example, in some instances your rope doesn’t lay down paint, meaning you must wrap the rope around the needles and use just the paint bombs to color the wooden object.

The paint bomb levels do have a downside. Since you can’t turn the feature off, many players will be disappointed to find they can’t simply wrap an object in the traditional manner. Along these lines, we’d love a “free play” mode that lets the player wrap an object in an unlimited amount of rope, for those times when you simply want to manipulate the object at will without being faced with a challenge.

Finally, a chance to put graffiti on your childhood pal.

Zen Bound 2’s biggest disappointment is that it doesn’t feel optimized for the iPad. This is understandable, since Secret Exit probably didn’t have a device to test the game on pre-launch, but in its current state it can feel like a bit of a strain when making long gestures across the screen. The framerate dips don’t help matters, either.

Flawed as the control implementation may be, the iPad’s vibrant display really brings out the new high-resolution graphics and shaders. Indie electronic musician Ghost Monkey has also created 25 minutes of new original music, bringing the total soundtrack length to 45 minutes. It’s just as lovely as before, and we have our fingers crossed that Secret Exit will make it available to download separately, like the original.

Although it does take a step backwards in some aspects, we still enjoyed our time with Zen Bound 2. It may not be as soothing, but most of the production values have been ramped up. If you don’t mind playing through a lot of rehashed content, you may want to check out this sequel.

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Zen Bound 2 Steam Bound, Original Goes Free

We’ve seen games come from Steam to iOS, but usually not the other way around. Zen Bound 2 will be making the transition to PC and Mac by way of Steam on November 16. Check out the trailer after the jump!

On the Mac, Zen Bound 2 aims to maintain the tactile feel of the iOS version by multi-touch trackpad support. Secret Exit also tells us that the game has been given an HD makeover, with higher resolution textures, shadows, and lighting. They even claim it will look great on a 100″ home theater screen, if you are fortunate enough to live in a Best Buy.

Also in Zen Bound news, the original game is now available as a free download for a limited time. Owners of the original app should download it again, because the version that was published by Chillingo has been pulled from the App Store and will not continue to receive updates. You can download the new, Secret Exit-published Zen Bound for free here.

Secret Exit Confirms Zen Bound 2 In Development

Zen Bound was one of the very first iPhone games that truly served to legitimize the platform. While console gamers were busy lambasting the system for its overabundance of cheap, throwaway games, iPhone gamers were enjoying one of the most sublime puzzle games since Tetris.

So it perhaps comes as little surprise that developer Secret Exit is now working on a full sequel to the game. In a comment posted on Touch Arcade, they revealed that Zen Bound 2 was originally meant as an update of the game to utilize the full capabilities of the 3GS. However, the project spun off into a whole new title.

Secret Exit remarked, “Zen Bound 3GS project has grown beyond a simple graphical upgrade. Our current plans are to give this game the time it needs and release a full-fledged sequel. Zen Bound 2 it is.”

They also made clear that they are working on an official announcement to be released in the coming weeks, and that the game is still months away from release. Therefore all graphics and interface details “should be considered placeholders.”

[Via TouchArcade]