Yuckfu is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Yuckfu Review

If you were concerned or confused about the name of this application, we assure you that you are not alone. The only relevance in the name is its uncanny knack for inducing headaches and loud cursing.

Yuckfu is limited, to say the least — Its only two modes are a tutorial and the actual “game.” While the tutorial is a useful way to begin, it showcases the most frustrating parts of the game right off the bat. First, a little robot introduces itself and presents the main objective: simply hover within a designated circle for 3 seconds. Three seconds never felt so long. In order to fly the Bo382 robot, you must tilt your iDevice accordingly. Problem is, the bot is overly sensitive to the tiniest movement of your iDevice, sending it clear across the screen at the slightest nudge. Putting the iDevice down further highlights the accelerometer calibration issues — Bo382 will fly upwards at an alarming rate. With no obvious neutral point, hovering nearly is impossible. While it is possible to get used to the controls as you go along, they never fail to be harrowing and frustrating.

The game itself has only a few different elements. A typical energy bar, which dwindles as the robot flies chaotically around, is replenished by collecting packages for points around the screen. Careful though — If you wait too long, the packages will close and become obstacles. If you run into a closed package or any of the walls, your robot explodes. Game over. Due to the oversensitive controls, even the slighest error in movement can easily send your bot careening to its doom before you realize what happened. Out of lives and mercy, and probably patience, you’ll see your score with a place to type your name, which is then added to the local and global leaderboards. That’s all she wrote. Sure, the techno soundtrack admittedly had us grooving, but ultimately disappointing at just three tracks.

Due to its oversensitive and terribly frustrating controls, Yuckfu is an utterly disappointing title. However, even if the controls were a bit more manageable, the game’s limited scope and ambition is still not enough to garner our recommendation.

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