Your Favorite Super Bowl XLVI Tech Commercials

Advertising was generally tame for Super Bowl XLVI. A lot of people felt that the commercials were played out or tired. There weren’t any Apple advertisements making viewers cry (deaf people signing on FaceTime always tugs on heartstrings). That said, there were a handful of tech-based ads that stood out. Check out the videos below and leave a comment with your favorite Super Bowl XLVI tech commercials.

Samsung made a big deal about its first Super Bowl commercial and rightfully so. Promoting the Galaxy Note “phablet”, this commercial features Justin Hawkins from The Darkness. The company claims that some of the footage was shot with the Galaxy Note. Very cool!

Best Buy’s ad was pretty awesome for tech geeks, featuring some of the most influential names in mobile computing. The creators of the camera phone, text-to-voice, text messaging, Shazam, Words with Friends, and more are in the spot. It’s fantastic when tech engineers and software developers are lauded in a mainstream ad.

Last year, Motorola and Verizon teamed up for a very cool and very aggressive Super Bowl commercial for the Motorola Xoom tablet. Unfortunately for both companies, the advertisement was better than the actual product. This year the pair toned it down with a flashy spot for the Motorola RAZR. It’s a simple spot that doesn’t make the bold claims the Xoom ad did. The RAZR now comes in colors and is $199; simple and effective.

Any Super Bowl XLVI tech commercials stand out for you? Please name them in the comments section!

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