Your Best iPhone Halloween Costume Ideas

If we could, we would feature real photos of our readers in their homemade Enviro-Bear costumes. Perhaps someone might dress as a wooden horse tied up with rope, Zen Bound-style. For now, though, here are your best suggestions of Halloween costumes that tell the world, “yeah, I play iPhone games!”

The following readers win some game codes for these great costume suggestions, made through Twitter. There’s still time to put one of these together in real life, so send us your pictures if you do try to make it happen!

Eyegore from Eyegore’s Eye Blast

Suggested by @frederictessier and @mtalio

You’ll need: Giant eyeball suit, leather sorcerer’s hat, angel wings, spindly limbs.

Nick Chase from Nick Chase: A Detective Story

Suggested by @futuresex

You’ll need: Brown suit, fedora, white shirt, green tie, hardboiled demeanor.

John Gore from Minigore

Suggested by @kysomyral

You’ll need: Blue jumpsuit, beard, double-barrel shotgun, square head.

The Doodler from Doodle Jump

Suggested by @ZacharyBehrendt

You’ll need: Rounded head, trunk-like nose, four little legs, jumping ability.

Earthworm Jim from Earthworm Jim

Suggested by @AndyTulin and @kysomyral

You’ll need: Super spacesuit, red blaster, earthworm body, lots of attitude.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Remember, you can get more candy with a red blaster and a kind word than you can with a kind word alone.

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