Yesterday Hands-On Preview

The App Store is stuffed with chirpy mascots and harmless, cartoon violence, so it’s refreshing to see a game delve into more disturbing subject matter, like ritual murder and madness. An upcoming adventure game published by Bulkypix called Yesterday will let you travel the world to solve the mystery of the murdered hobos.

Yesterday was originally developed as a PC game by Pendulo Studios, but Bulkypix is helping to bring it to iOS devices. In fact, we’re told it was originally envisioned and designed as an iOS game. Yesterday features 3D characters on top of 2D backgrounds, and some of these environments offer twisting perspectives that hint at a disturbed point of view.

You play as three different characters, one of whom begins the game without his memory. As you explore and pick up items, bits of his past will come back to him, revealing more of the story. In the first chapter that we played, your character Henry searches for clues on the subway before running into a maniacal cult leader, whose followers consist of posed mannequins. As you talk to this deranged person, the camera cuts away to reaction shots from the inanimate dummies– laughter, shock, and derision all held motionless in a disturbing scene.

This interaction also shows off the game’s puzzles and dialogue. The cult leader will challenge your intellect by giving you a series of chess puzzles, such as picking which move white has to make to checkmate black. You can also choose to lie or answer truthfully when you’re interrogated, which offers different dialogue.

Yesterday reminded us a bit of the PC and iOS adventure game Broken Sword, but with a slightly darker tone. We don’t want to give away too much plot, but we’re told the game features sex, violence, Satanism, and the Vatican. Yesterday will last around 4-6 hours, and it’ll cost around 4-6 dollars on the App Store when it launches on June 21.

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