XCOM: Enemy Unknown Announced for iOS

In a surprise announcement at PAX 2013, Firaxis said they are bringing the full version of X-COM: Enemy Unknown to iOS this summer. When it came out last year, the turn-based tactical shooter game was a major success on PC and consoles. The iOS port will support iPad, iPhones and iPod Touch.

This X-COM reboot resembles the original PC titles in a lot of ways, while bringing some welcomed streamlining to the core mechanics. The turn based tactical shooter places you in the boots of the X-COM commander, in charge of calling the shots in battle and developing your soldiers, headquarters, and research teams.

X-COM also features an “Iron Man” mode in which your squad-mates can be permanently destroyed in combat and you cannot reload your saves to get them back. Because the game is quite a looker on PC and consoles, we hope Firaxis can maintain the high level of graphical polish in the iOS port.

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