XBox Strategy Chief Joins Apple

If reports are true, the iPhone’s future as a games platform may have just received a major boost. Richard Teversham, formerly Microsoft’s senior director of business, insights and strategy for Xbox, has departed for the House of Jobs, becoming one of Apple’s first major gaming-related hires.

MCV writes that Teversham left Microsoft after 15 years of employment, the last part of which he spent shoring up the company’s Xbox division. He’s reportedly joining Apple in an “education-related” role at the company’s European offices, although we don’t know exactly where.

Teversham’s new responsibilities at Apple are as yet unclear, although it’s easy enough to connect the dots from Xbox to Apple’s new gaming initiatives on the App Store. We have argued repeatedly that Apple needs to show more leadership if the iDevice is to rival Sony and Nintendo as a games platform–and that kind of leadership starts with experienced managers and business minds like Teversham.

We have contacted Apple for additional comment, and will update the article if we learn anything more.

[from MCV via Gizmodo]

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