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WWE Superstar Slingshot Review

Once the Angry Birds phenomenon took off, it didn’t take long before a slew of clones came along to attempt cashing in from the avalanche of dollars coming in. We’ve seen angry fruit, angry pigs, and even angry trucks and skulls all jousting for your hard earned dollar. But the most surprising of the clones comes is WWE Superstar Slingshot. That’s right, the Angry Birds formula has been adapted to the squared-circle. Read to find out if this casual game scores via decisive pin fall.

Anyone familiar with wrestling knows that the ridiculous story lines are equally as intriguing as the matches themselves. Set in a universe where WWE company owner Vince McMahon has unfairly stripped you of your title, you embark on a journey to regain your strap. This sets the course for you going through various WWE weekly events heading into the yearly extravaganza, WrestleMania. By selecting one of 10 WWE superstars, you can take your favorite face or heel to championship gold. Simple enough, but outside of a static intro to the scenario, you will not get to experience twists and turns that define WWE action.

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But on to the gameplay. The premise has you taking your superstar from the ropes and catapulting him towards a series of obstacles protecting a foe you need to defeat to win the match. If you’ve played Angry Birds or Trucks and Skulls, you’ll feel right at home. A tap in mid-air triggers a turbo boost, but it can only be used once out of three tries. You earn points based on the level of carnage you create along with other considerations like how many tries it took to defeat your foe. That’s essentially it. There’s not much that WWE Superstar Slingshot brings to the formula to differentiate itself. The game is fun, but it’s a road we’ve traveled numerous times.

One big missed opportunity with this game is the lack of signature style and finishing moves for each character. Everyone appears to fly through the air at the same speed and velocity. It seems like a no-brainer that there should be a difference between using a high-flyer like Kofi Kingston and the enormous Big Show. This would have also opened up some great strategic options to pick and choose which wrestlers to use in different levels.

WWE Superstar Slingshot looks and feels like a WWE product through and through. The arenas and events are on point, and the wrestlers’ sprites are fairly detailed. It’ll take you some time to power through the game’s 135 levels, and some fairly basic social media and GameCenter support round out the package.

We enjoyed our time with WWE Superstar Slingshot. It’s not especially innovative, but it’s a good time especially for wrestling fans. Plus, it’s only a buck. This isn’t Angry Birds all over again, but you can say that for the whole sea of clones out there.

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