WWDC Quick Hits: Face Fighter, Blimp

We’re obviously seeing lots of upcoming games here at WWDC, but we’ve also seen a couple just-released apps from indie devs that bear mentioning: Appy Entertainment’s FaceFighter and Craneballs Studios’s Blimp – The Flying Adventure.

We met with Appy Entertainment’s Chris Ulm (a game industry vet most recently of High Moon Studios) to check out FaceFighter, one of the more hilarious 99 cent apps we’ve seen recently.

This game is the brainchild of the same designer who came up with Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, and that sense of humor shines through. First, you create an opponent by picking a portrait out of your photo library, or snapping a shot with your camera.

This face is placed on a vid-capped body clad in a black karate gi… and then it’s war! You get two punch buttons, a kick, and a block to beat the crud out of your enemy from a first-person perspective.

The action is hot and heavy, with lots of crazy sound effects. Your chosen target will start to grow black eyes, fat lips, and band-aids as you wail on them. And if you fill up your special attack meter, you get to beat them with a monkey wrench for a few seconds. Good times!

Craneballs Studios’s Blimp – The Flying Adventure took five full months to develop for the three-man Czech studio, and it’s got the polish to show for it.

You have control of a highly maneuverable blimp, and your job is to defeat an invasion of your home planet. Touching the screen causes the blimp to rise and tilting switches its direction.

As the pilot, you must finagle it into tight corners to pick up refugees and drop them off elsewhere on the level. There are also combat missions where you drop paratroops, loose salvos of bombs, or set timed explosives in certain areas.

The game’s got 20 levels, with more to come via update. Multiplayer modes like ghost racing and even deathmatch are also in the offing, according to the developer.

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