Worms Series Turns 18, Worms 3 Goes on Sale

You’ve been invited to attend a birthday party being thrown by worms. Worms, the famous artillery strategy game series, is turning 18 on Sunday. Team17 is celebrating the invertebrates’ passage into adulthood by putting Worms 3 on sale.


18 years ago, the original Worms wriggled onto the Amiga and captured players’ hearts with its wacky physics-based artillery warfare. The gaming scene has changed a lot since then, but Worms is as wacked-out and addictive as ever. If you’ve never joined the squishy side, now’s your chance. Worms 3 is temporarily on sale for $0.99 (down from $4.99). Team17 has also put together an update, including Christmas-themed levels, and six new campaign levels set in the Junkyard theme.

Go forth and squirm.

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