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Worms HD is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Worms HD Review

It took Team17 some time to get Worms working on the iPhone. However, it never felt quite right on the smaller screen. In this iPad port, it’s obvious that this is how Worms was meant to be played.

This iteration of the turn-based artillery franchise retains the same challenge levels and randomly generated maps. Team customization also made it through the transition, along with all of our favorite weapons, like cuddly sheep cannons and the holy hand grenade that sings ‘hallelujah’ before laying waste to your enemy.

Jolly good, old chap.

Instead of reworking the control scheme, Team17 has made it a bit more stable. Since there’s more screen real estate to work with, we found that it plays much better. However, placing the floating crosshair for bomb drops and homing missiles is still a pain since you can’t drag the crosshair.

Our favorite added feature in this HD remake is a new mode called Body Count. Think of this as a survival mode where you play a lone worm with double the average health. The goal is to destroy as many opposing worms as possible before they take you down. Each time you kill an enemy, a new one drops in. As time goes by, your opponents become tougher, keeping you on your toes.

Into the vortex, Attila!

Oddly taken out of Worms HD is integration with Plus+ and Bluetooth multiplayer. Pass and play is still an option, but certainly not as optimal as connecting with your friend wirelessly. Also, the game is still missing the online multiplayer promised by Team17 some time back. We are still hopeful that most of these features will find their way to the iPad version.

Even missing a few features, the overall stability of Worms HD makes this the version to buy. Body Count mode is a lot of fun and brings to the table a new survival element we haven’t seen before in similar titles.

Editor’s Note: This review covers the content exclusive to the iPad version of this game. For the full game review, click here.

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