World of Goo Heading to iPhone

It’s a title that seems like it was made for touchscreen controls, yet it’s taken until now for World of Goo developer 2D Boy to announce that the studio is currently working on a version of the WiiWare and PC hit for the iPhone. Excited? Calm yourselves, goo fans. Despite such a wait, World of Goo on the iPhone isn’t ready just yet.

“It’s not done and we don’t have a release date yet,’ 2D Boy’s Kyle Gabler admitted on the developer’s website. ‘We have it running well on the iPhone 3GS, and with a little luck we hope to get it running smoothly on the 3G as well. Hopefully more news on this soon.”

For those uninitiated in the ways of Goo, 2D Boy’s iconic hit has much in common with two other releases already on the iPhone, Tiki Towers and Moonlights. These games task players with building rickety, wobbly structures that have to hold for short periods of time.

World of Goo is largely regarded as the inspiration for such hits, the Wii version in particular proving massively popular with critics when it was released this time last year. Reviews proclaimed it as a ‘genre classic’ and the game took home an overall Metacritic score of 94/100.

While there’s no word on just when we can expect to see it hitting the App Store, or even what price it’ll retail for when it does, expect the hype to keep building as the weeks pass. Players can take advantage of the game’s current flexible price on PC (rather than a fixed price, gamers are able to choose just how much they want to pay for the game until Monday, October 19th) to get in some practice before the iPhone’s Goo-day finally hits.

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