World of Goo Coming Soon to iPad

We first reported that an iOS version of the physics puzzler World of Goo was in the works last year, but the whispers soon died down completely. Until now. World of Goo developer 2D Boy has just announced that the iPad version of the game is nearly finished, and they’ll be submitting it to Apple very soon.

World of Goo is a puzzle game originally released for PC and WiiWare in 2008 to high critical praise. In the game, you build towers or bridges by placing globs of goo on the screen and stretching them toward a pipe. The goal is to use these goo structures to deliver the required number of remaining globs into the pipe.

Since the game is all about placing and stretching globs of goo, the iPad’s touchscreen would seem a perfect fit for the gameplay. As for whether there will be an iPhone/ iPod Touch version of the game, the developers are still considering it.


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