GodFinger is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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World-Building Sim GodFinger Arrives on iPhone

Narcissists rejoice! You can now bully or bless your own little world on your iPhone or iPod Touch in GodFinger. Previously available on the iPad and in select markets on the iPhone, GodFinger is the Ngmoco game that lets you create your own planet, populate it with worshipers, and make them do whatever you want. The game is free to play, but things soon become slow as molasses unless you purchase “awe” to crank it up a notch. Click here for our review of the iPad version.

GodFinger uses Ngmoco’s Plus+ network to tie you into a universe that encompasses all of the planets built by your friends who also have the game. You can visit their worlds and bless their congregation to receive extra gold, and they can do the same to yours.

Overall, the game is pretty enjoyable if all you want from it is to check in periodically to see how your worshipers are getting along and toss down some divine intervention. There’s no overarching goal other than leveling up and unlocking new items, so you might not feel compelled to play more often than that. But if you want to tend to your flock regularly, it’s best to pony up the cash to buy a fistful of awe every now and then.

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