WordSmack Hands-On Preview

Yesterday, EA held a huge press event to show off some of their upcoming console and mobile games. While we were there, we got our first glimpse at the trailer for Real Racing 3 and online multiplayer for FIFA 13. But would you believe that the game we’re looking forward to playing the most after the event is a word game that combines Hangman and Mastermind?

WordSmack is an addictive word game that’s played online, asynchronously with your Facebook friends or random opponents. The goal is to guess your way though as many words as possible with 15 attempts. If you can’t guess a word in six tries, you move on to the next one.

You’re only given the first and last letters of the five-letter words, and you have to fill in the three in the middle. After each guess, your letters will turn green if they’re in the right position, orange if they’re the right letter in the wrong position, and red if they’re not in the word at all.

You also have three power-ups to help you out, called helpers. The hammer will remove three wrong letters for you, clue will give you a synonym to help you guess the entire word, and letter will fill in a correct letter for you.

WordSmack is a very clever combination of word games and logic puzzles that we’ve not really seen before. It’ll be a free download, with ad-support and a paid option to remove the ads. We didn’t think that there were a lot of opportunities left to innovate in the word game genre, but consider us pleasantly surprised. Look for WordSmack in the App Store this Fall.

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