Wolfdozer Hands-On Preview

If the Big Bad Wolf had a license to operate heavy machinery, the story of the Three Little Pigs might have gone very differently. Instead of huffing and puffing, a properly trained wolf could just throw his bulldozer into overdrive and level any straw, wood, or brick structure in his path.

That’s the concept behind Wolfdozer, a clever action game from Anomalous Interactive that lets you cause massive amounts of mayhem. As the B.B. Wolf, you have the freedom to run your bulldozer over trees, buildings, and cars, earning extra points for a thorough demolition. However, the pig citizens don’t like having their town destroyed, so they’ll call in the police and military to try to take you down.

When the pigs start fighting back, Wolfdozer starts to feel a little bit like Grand Theft Auto. You’ll have to ram into the police cars or pick up machine gun power-ups to keep them away, and your bulldozer will start to smoke and fall apart if you take too much damage. The police pigs will even form roadblocks and call in tanks and helicopters if your rampage lasts too long.

The money you earn from destroying the pigs’ home can be used to upgrade your bulldozer between rounds. You can decorate your rig with new exhaust ports, or level up the game’s armor and weapon power-ups. There are also specific mission objectives, like destroying a certain number of wooden buildings, to give you additional goals beyond reaching a high score.

The visuals in Wolfdozer aren’t especially impressive– they’re rather blocky and low-resolution, with every bit of damage creating a precise square shape. But you will get to roam freely around the streets, causing damage to landmarks like barns, houses, and a giant central piggy bank.

With its simple touch controls and chaotic premise, Wolfdozer is shaping up to be a solid action game. Our preview build had incomplete audio and placeholder menus, so we’re still not sure how polished the final product will be. But if you like the twisted fairy tale concept, keep an eye out for Wolfdozer on the App Store this summer.

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