Wingsuit Stickman

Wingsuit Stickman is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Wingsuit Stickman Review

You can get a lot of mileage out of simple stick man figures– from fighting and platformer games to flying. In the case of Wingsuit Stickman, flying through a variety of surprisingly dangerous landscapes is par for the course. This is a sharp-looking and easy-to-play accelerometer game, with plenty of challenge.

Despite the simplistic nature of the graphics, Wingsuit Stickman looks great. The little fella is excellently animated and responsive, and the landscapes have just enough detail to provide a lively obstacle course for flying fun. The grid-paper background works for the overall atmosphere as well, and the game even supports Retina displays for a higher resolution boost.

Playing Wingsuit is simple enough– rotate your device right or left to make the stickman veer in that direction. Tapping the screen causes him to brake, which is necessary for some of the tricky turns. The controls work well, but there are situations where accelerometer controls aren’t always desirable. So, an option to use something more traditional would have been a welcome extra feature.

Who needs a cable car when you have a wingsuit?

Hazards abound in the game. Poor Stickman must brave volcanoes, air trolleys, planes, crazed birds, and other disasters waiting to happen across such locations as the Alps and Rockies. The ragdoll physics are hilariously sadistic, though the stickman nature of the character certainly tones down any possible violence.

Initially, the game forced players to earn all three stars before progressing to the next level, but the developer listened to feedback quickly and patched it so that anyone can get through at least the first ten levels without all stars. Even with this change, the game is still plenty challenging, but with only 20 levels, it tends to go by pretty fast.

The developer is already gearing up to add more levels for free, however, so this complaint probably won’t last for long. Still for only a buck, Wingsuit Stickman is a lot of clever fun, with levels full of goofy danger and challenge.

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