Wii U’s MiiVerse Coming to Smartphones This Spring

Nintendo has been notoriously slow about entering the mobile world in any capacity, but it looks like the company is ready to integrate part of its universe with smartphones. Come this spring, Wii U owners will be able to access the MiiVerse from their phones. This is an intriguing prospect for the MiiVerse and its communities. Will we be able to use our iPads to sketch and post on the go? Maybe we’ll be able to snap and share pictures. “Hey guys, am I crazy or does this stain on the subway floor look like a pony?” 

At this point, there’s little conformation on what MiiVerse mobile will be capable of doing or sharing. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata dropped the initial announcement in a Nintendo Direct video presentation this morning, and Nintendo provided a little additional information via a press release. All we know for sure is that users will be able to sign into the MiiVerse using their Nintendo ID’s, and the experience will be browser-based at first, but an app will follow.

However, the Nintendo Direct conference made mention of a forthcoming update for the MiiVerse in general, including the ability to share your fitness information from the inevitable Wii Fit U. So if you’re really into getting hassled about what your friends are doing in their social games, maybe you’ll be able to use your phone to read the details about their weight loss regimens too!

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