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Wide Sky Review

Most hedgehogs aren’t related to video games, not in any way, shape, or form. In fact, Sonic‘s one of the only hedgehogs out there who is, and he’s having a pretty rough time of things these days. But there’s a new hedgehog in town — the star of Wide Sky, which, essentially is about training the spiny little guys. They’re in dire need of some reining in, so that’s where you come in.

Across a gorgeous landscape rife with cozy-looking trees, serene mountain tops, and plenty of clouds, it’s your job to pick up ropes and train the hedgehogs in getting from point A to point B. You tap your adorable little hedgey into the air, and tap again to propel their rope and anchor it to a cloud. Tilting your device allows you to swing back and forth, and releasing propels the hedgehog, sending it flying through the air. The reason the helpless little guy is being bounced about here and there is to collect small orbs around the play field for points. As you’re learning the ropes (pun intended) they provide satisfying bonuses, since they’re pretty tough to grab.


Good-Bye Wide Sky

Unfortunately, Wide Sky isn’t exactly intuitive. Tilting your device doesn’t feel very accurate, and it’s often difficult to simultaneously aim ropes and tilt. It’s awkward to say the least, and though the tutorials do a decent enough job explaining how best to manipulate your hog, it never begins to feel as natural as, say, Peggle or one of the many touch-reliant iOS games out there. Sometimes you may not even reach your desired result until you’re nearly turning the device around entirely, which is never comfortable. With more engaging, viable tilt controls, swinging through the air could be greatly improved.

There’s no shortage of content, though. Alongside the content of the main game, you can engage in several timed challenges to test your rope-swinging chops, upgrade ropes, and further trick out your equipment for a more personalized experience. The world of Wide Sky ensures you’ll stay busy, even if you get aggravated in the process.


“Mom! Watch this! Mom! You’re not looking!”

Despite its sometimes-frustrating gameplay, however, there’s no denying the game is gorgeous. The hazy hues, user interface, color palette, and animations work together for a cute yet sophisticated look. It’s warm and comforting, and very lovely. Combined with the giddy musical cues and refreshing, flowery accompanying tracks, it’s dreamy and carefree.

Wide Sky is an intriguing little puzzle title with soft, calming audio and visuals, and it showcases an animal that admittedly doesn’t get much love. With a bit of polish, it could be improved to the “quirky” puzzle game status. In the state it’s in now, it’s saved for hedgehog enthusiasts only. Perhaps a few new updates could solve this hog’s dilemma.

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