Who Is The Killer (Episode III)

Who Is The Killer (Episode III) is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Who Is The Killer (Episode III) Review

In the third episode of Who Is The Killer, you play as the quintessential detective, investigating the recent murder of an archeologist who may have been on the trail of a major discovery. Each day, you must question suspects and learn as much as you can. Your goal is to accuse the murderer to prevent any further murders.

Who is the Killer reduces down your investigative skills to solving word mini-games that you play whenever you’re questioning a suspect. You can chose who you ask the suspect about, be it the victim or other characters. Some characters you won’t be able to ask about immediately, which indicates that there are secrets about this particular character.

The mini-games often involve you unscrambling words from a character’s statement or using a word search. Unfortunately, these games get repetitive quite quickly, as some games will require you to find every other word of a character’s statement in a pile of scrambled words.

You’re also limited to the number of questions you can ask in a day, indicated by the cups of coffee displayed across the top of your screen. You earn cups of coffee by properly deciphering your nightly dreams. Dreams are represented as a painting, obscured by tiles you can remove. You’ll need to answer questions about the items in the paintings, and the more questions you correctly answer, the more cups of coffee you have the next day.

Our major issue with Who is the Killer is the repetitive, simple nature of the game. While it purports to be a murder mystery, it’s really nothing more than a series of word puzzles and find-the-object games. It removes all of the entertainment from the idea and boils it down to a boring sequence of events.

It’s also unfortunate that the game can be completed in about 60 minutes and has no replay value. Once the mystery is solved, it’s solved for good. While this doesn’t always devalue a game, in this case it does.

There’s not much else to say about Who is the Killer (Episode III), except that it’s a bit too short and too boring. The games you play to find out information are lackluster, and the information you gather isn’t that fascinating either. While we applaud the concept of such a game, the end result isn’t anything we can recommend to most people.

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