Where’s My Water? Merchandise Coming Soon to a Store Near You

First comes the App Store, then comes merchandising. That’s the life of a hit mobile game, and it’s the path that Where’s My Water? is travelling, too. Earlier today, Disney distributed a press release declaring that its first original mobile game character, Swampy the Alligator, is set to feature on his own line of merchandise. His pals Cranky and Allie will also be making appearances.

Where’s My Water? is essentially following in the footsteps of Angry Birds (even though the birds lack the feet necessary to lay down any tracks): having made its mark on the App Store by spending time as the #1 downloaded app across 80 countries, the game’s cuddly mascot will be available across a variety of plush toys, home accessories, apparel, and more. Keep your eyes open for the Swampy costume, available this Halloween. You know you want it.

The Where’s my Water? line of merchandise will hit major retailers this June. Needless to say, the Disney Store will be the prime distributor for all your cuddly, plushy, Swampy needs. And don’t forget to keep your reptilian eyes open for the 12-episode Where’s My Water? web series that’s coming later this year.

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