Where's My Mickey?

Where's My Mickey? is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Where’s My Mickey? Review

In Canada, asking “Where’s my mickey?” is another way of asking, “Where’d I put my 13-ounce bottle of booze?” Now, thanks to Disney, Where’s My Mickey? can also refer to the latest title in the  hugely popular Where’s My Water? puzzle series. If you’ve already had your fill of digging in the dirt, you might want to pass on Mickey’s misadventures. If, however, you have room in your heart for one more watery outing, you’ll be happy to know that Where’s My Mickey? is the series’ most charming entry to date.

Mickey’s water troubles start at the beach, where a heat wave and a bus full of thirsty tourists inspires him to open a lemonade stand. Unfortunately, his plan goes up in smoke when the beach’s water fountain dries up. Since making lemonade with salt water is a bad idea, you need to help Mickey by unblocking the fountain’s pipes. Once you progress past Mickey’s lemonade problems, you unlock other stories (and levels) that require him to snuff a hostile flame and then rebuild his wrecked flower beds before the stuffy Garden Society gets a look at it.


The gameplay in Where’s My Mickey? remains the same regardless of what story you’re working through. In other words, if you’ve played Where’s My Water?, you already know how things are supposed to go down. Each level presents you with a stream or a puddle of water, and some dirt. You must dig through the dirt with your finger and safely deliver the water to Mickey’s pipe while avoiding traps, “filling up” stars, and triggering trap doors that allow you passage.

Where’s My Mickey? brings a new idea to the series: Weather. By digging paths through the dirt, you can control the wind, which, in turn, blows clouds around. Clouds can absorb water that you can squeeze out at any time. Clouds also purify poisoned water.

Weather is a neat addition to the Where’s My Water? formula, but Where’s My Mickey? really shines because of its presentation.  The art is done in the semi-retro style that Disney recently revived for animated shorts like Croissant de Triomphe. Each level ends with a skippable animation that’s amusing to watch, even if there’s a bit of repetition.


You can also preview Goofy’s level packs, which come with their own set of animations. In one level scenario, Goofy is starving to death on a deserted island, and the poison you direct towards the pipe (or in this case, a plant) morphs inedible objects into real food. Either that, or a combination of starvation and plant venom is causing Goofy to hallucinate. The game is brutally coy about the truth.

Some players might argue that the Where’s My Water? formula is getting a bit overused, and they wouldn’t be incorrect. That said, it still brings the fun. Where’s My Mickey? looks great and plays well, which makes it an easy recommendation for anyone who’s not thoroughly tired of the dirt pile that Swampy built.

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