Galaga REMIX

Galaga REMIX is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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What’s New? Wednesday 4/08/09

Though spring’s in full swing, we’re not outside enjoying the balmy weather today… we’ve got our eyes trained on the App Store, where some big games just made their debut.

Galaga, an old arcade warhorse (and one of the biggest quarter-munchers of all time), is now available on the App Store for $5.99. This buys you two top-down shooters: the original game, in all of its paired-fighter glory, as well as the remixed version with nine power-ups, bosses, and swoopy digitized backgrounds. We are always suspicious of “remixes” of classic games–Pole Position Remix could have turned out better–so hopefully Namco put some juice into this one.

We went hands-on with this innovative FMV survival-horror game some time ago. It’s amazing what digital camcorders can do these days, especially when out in the dark scary woods! The game got held up somewhere between developer Bulkypix and the App Store, but it’s finally out for $1.99, which seems like a fair price to us.

Okay, so you got two colors of robot, two robot containment zones, a bazillion bots spazzing out all over the screen, and however many fingers your brain can control at once. Sounds like a fun multitouch puzzle game, huh? It’s a bit like Eliss would be if that game had been developed by R2D2.

This $5.99 WiiWare port is kind of a more personalized Diner Dash. Instead of running around an entire restaurant seating customers, you’re responsible for one table of zany patrons (Vampires! Gangsters! Etc!)… but you have to make their food right in front of them. The graphics look cool, but that’s a full meal price tag on this game, so it had better prove filling, too.

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