Galaxy On Fire™ 3D

Galaxy On Fire™ 3D is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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    What’s New? Wednesday 4/1/09

    We’re mostly recovered from the insanity that was GDC; that means it’s back to combing through our inbox and the App Store for new games of note!

    Galaxy On Fire 3D is true iPhone space opera. Your wisecracking, Han Solo-ish hero flies mission for The Man, blasting aliens and scooping up valuable cargo for resale. It’s basically a third-person Wing Commander with a little bit of Escape Velocity mixed in. And it looks nice! $5.99.

    We reviewed Bobby Carrot Forever some time back and liked it, although we bruised our minds on its difficult puzzles. Bobby Carrot 1 CLSX is the prequel, packing another 55 king-sized conundrums into a 99 cent download. Three more chapters are on the way, too.

    STP has a penchant for weird little arcade games, and Springball definitely qualifies. You tilt the iPhone back and forth to move your dude along the bottom of the screen, then tap to jump up and bounce a ball off your head. Doesn’t sound like much, but realistic physics do wonders for games like this. 99 cents.

    We’re not sure how we missed Ivory Tiles the first time around (it came out back in November), but we’re sorry we did. This is a super-slick, streamlined puzzle game where you try to slide tiles into slots using the accelerometer. A nice Far Eastern minimalist theme and great tilt controls make all the difference. $1.99.

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