2XL Supercross

2XL Supercross is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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    What’s New? Monday 4/13/09

    …And we’re back! After working for about seven months straight, we decided to take Easter Weekend off. We hope you’re not too angry with us; we’ve got lots of great stuff lined up this week (exclusives, giveaways, a new podcast), and we’re kicking it off with our usual What’s New segment!

    Motocross always struck us as one of the more insane extreme sports–somewhere between street luge and BASE jumping. 2XL Supercross aims to deliver that same adrenal shock with tracks designed by real-life Motocross champion Stephane Roncada, highly customizable gameplay, and advanced graphics for $7.99. Watch for our video review later this week.

    We previewed Build-a-Lot earlier this month at an event hosted by Glu Mobile. The real estate market may be wallowing in the doldrums, but you can still make a killing on your iPhone in this time management game. $4.99.

    Gravity Well may well be the App Store’s coolest puzzle game based on Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity (by default). During gameplay described as an “addictive mix of pinball and mini golf,” you guide a ball around mazelike environments by manipulating gravity with your finger. The game also features 17 exclusive tracks by uptempo game music DJs The Humble Brothers. $3.99.

    The march of the MMOs continues on the iPhone with iQuest. Join the battle for the High Fantasy realm of Noth online, where you will complete 150 quests for gold and glory, while also battling other players to take the throne. $2.99.

    Between Baseball Superstars, the upcoming Flick Baseball and 9 Innings, the baseball genre is starting to heat up. 9 Innings comes to us from Korean developer Com2uS, and features eight teams; full season, tournament and homerun derby modes; and upgradable managers. Phil likes it! $4.99.

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