What’s New? Friday 3/20/09

Hey developers! We try hard to include at least a couple of games you submit to us in this feature, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Keep ’em coming!

Conceptually, there’s nothing new about FissionQuest, a puzzle game where you push boxes and barrels around a maze to reach the exit. Hoever, this is a slick 3D implementation that looks great on the iPhone; plus, the addition of depth allows for multi-level puzzles that factor drop heights into the equation. Puzzle fans won’t go wrong for $1.99.

It only took a few months for us to swear off Tower Defense games here at STP, after being bombarded by wave after wave of clones (in true Tower Defense fashion, now that we think about it). geoDefense, though, may be the game that leads to our rapprochement with the genre. The neon Geometry Wars graphics are fun to watch, and some of the new tower mechanics, like the Vortex Node, are brilliant. 99 cents buys you in.

Snowflake! is really a trifle of a game–it only takes about 10 minutes to beat–but its unique control method makes it worth mentioning. As your snowflake drifts along from left to right, gentling blowing into your iPhone’s mic will loft it into the air and over obstacles; if you blow too hard, though, you’ll snuff out the candles that keep the room lit, which temporarily plunges you into darkness. It’s certainly an interesting concept. 99 cents.

Hanto is a deep thinker’s board game–a hexagonal hybrid of Chinese Checkers, Chess, and Reversi. The ancient Japanese theme is lovely, too. We are just scratching the surface of this thing, but we are intrigued. 99 cents.

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