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What’s My IQ? Pro Review

With 50 more puzzles than the free version, What’s My IQ? Pro is currently sitting in the Top 10 Paid Games list on the US App Store. Unfortunately, it’s not a whole lot of fun to play, and there are plenty of superior alternatives available within its genre, like The Moron Test. Worse than that, however, What’s My IQ? Pro makes use of a shady “cheats” system that will likely force you to pay for extra lives or solutions if you hope to complete the game without outside assistance.

What’s My IQ? isn’t a traditional IQ test, as the name may suggest. Instead, it presents puzzles that require players to ‘think outside of the box’ and often answer questions in a more literal fashion than they may initially realize. Unsurprisingly, the IQ score that’s offered upon completion of the 101 puzzles is not meant to be taken too seriously. In our case, it was more than a little enthusiastic.

Quick, call the Guinness Book of World Records!

The puzzles themselves will occasionally leave you smirking, like when you realize that in order to count how many apples are on a tree, you’ll first need to shake your device and see how many fall to the ground. However, that smirk will likely be replaced by an irritated scowl, as far too many puzzles just don’t make sense and will force you to spend three of your starting 20 cheats to reveal the solution and continue. If you try to get through using brute force, you’ll soon run out of lives and have to spend a cheat anyway, to retry the puzzle again without losing progress.

One of the early barriers that you’ll come across is the puzzle that asks ‘Which number is the smallest?’ and offers four numbers for you to choose from. You may be inclined to go for the option with the lowest numerical value, but that’s a little too simple. You’ll then notice that the numbers are presented in different sizes and that one option is noticeably smaller than the rest. Once again, you’d be looking in the wrong direction. In fact, the correct answer is actually the word ‘number’ itself. Here’s the explanation that the game then offers: ‘Word ‘number’ is the smallest in size compared to other numbers in the question’.

Fooled you!

It’s not uncommon for games like this to include a few strange questions, and this can usually be forgiven if the rest of the puzzles feel a little more clever and a little less cheap. However, What’s My IQ’s developer seems more interested in players purchasing additional cheats, and you may feel that unfair solutions are simply a way of ensuring their further profit. At $0.99 per pack of 30 cheats, dedicated players are going to end up getting punished.

We remember having a fantastic time trying to solve The Impossible Quiz (which can be found on Newgrounds and the App Store) with friends and colleagues, when we really should have been doing more important things. It was extremely difficult, required some very lateral thinking to complete, and the gratification you’d receive after solving a tough question was almost always worth the frustration. What’s my IQ? is a fairly disappointing attempt at copying this formula, and the cheats system that it uses is one of those unfortunate examples of an iOS game exploiting players through its in-app purchases.

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