What’s at the Center of Molyneux’s Curiosity Cube? We’ll Find Out Soon

How many taps does it take to get to the center of Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity cube? The world may find out soon. Molyneux claims that the Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube “social experiment” is coming to an end, and that whatever’s at the core of the cube is supposed to be “life changing.”

Molyneux’s studio, 22Cans, launched Curiosity  – What’s Inside the Cube for iOS and Android six months ago. Unlike most games, there’s no way to win or lose. Your job is simply to chip away at the cube along with thousands of other players in a race to get to its gooey center. People have been doing so happily enough for the past several months, but Molyneux believes it’s taking too much time. He’s used his special powers to whittle the cube down considerably, and now there are about fifty layers left to work through.


Molyneux has been very hush-hush about what’s at the center of the cube, but he promises that the lucky miner who stumbles on the secret will have his or her life changed. Hyperbole? Probably. Still, who can resist a prize like that?

22Cans predicts that the breakthrough will happen on May 21, which, incidentally, is the same day Microsoft is scheduled to unveil the new Xbox. Will the two events be related somehow? Or is the prize at the center of the cube simpler, like chocolate, fortune, or true love? Nothing to do at this point except chip away until we have the answer.

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