Whack'N Roll - An awesome funny game

Whack'N Roll - An awesome funny game is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Whack’n Roll Review

Step right up and win a prize! Like the carnival version of Whac-A-Mole, playing Whack’N Roll on your iPhone could win you a big prize (in this case, an iPad), provided you buy it and play it right away. But after the launch contest is over, we can’t see much of a reason for you to keep playing.

Whack’N Roll is a cutesy Whac-A-Mole game where you have to bash adorable birds as soon as they appear. A variety of gameplay types will mix things up, including a matching puzzle and rhythm-based music sequences. However, only a few of these modes are interesting.

In Whack’n Roll’s adventure mode, you’ll be tasked with completing 45 levels. Some of these, like boss fights where you have to fire off missiles and whack the flashing targets, are pretty enjoyable, but many of them are mindless, repetitive whack-fests.

Not ha-ha funny, but the other kind.

We enjoyed the few twists that made us stay our whacking finger, like grenades that have to be defused by swiping them offscreen. Plus, the sliding puzzle games, where you have to make matches by sliding together pairs of items, were not bad but could be a lot better if they grew in complexity or challenge.

It seems right now that the best reason to play Whack’N Roll is to try to win an iPad. By signing in with your email address from the main menu, you can try your hand at the high-score competition mode (details here). When the contest ends, the OpenFeint high score leader will win an iPad, and others will win iTunes gift cards and iPhone accessories. We’ve long predicted that after games pass the “free” price point, all that’s left is for customers to actually be rewarded with cash and prizes for playing the game.

Whack’N Roll has its problems, like a terrible English translation and a storyline that doesn’t make a lick of sense. It’s also fairly boring after the first few rounds. But real-world prizes for online competition are an exciting idea, and kids will probably enjoy the cartoony graphics. Take a whack at it if you’re determined to win the big prize.

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