Waterslide 2

Waterslide 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Waterslide 2 Review

In the world of the App Store, it’s a pretty safe bet that any wildly popular app will see some form of a sequel or afterthought. Angry Birds Rio and Pocket God: Journey to Uranus are some of the many that come to mind. Now Waterslide 2 can be added to that list as the sequel of the popular free game, Waterslide Extreme.

As with its prequel, the game is based on collecting gems while zipping down waterslides that soar through city skylines in a way that most zoning commissions would never allow.

After choosing between a guy, girl, or penguin (complete with a bow tie), you slide down each level trying to nab every pearl. Catching pearls consecutively rewards you with a score multiplier, which disappears once you miss a pearl. The gameplay revolves around the accelerometer, which we found ourselves adjusting frequently.

Sliding through the city at night.

The obstacles are more plentiful and more innovative than the prequel. Squids throw ink onto your screen which you have to quickly rub off in order to see the course, while crabs invert your controls. Sliding through seaweed slows you down until you literally shake it off, and destroying any of these obstacles with bombs or star power rewards you with points.

After completing a level, the game rates your performance on a three-star scale, or decides that your performance was a failure. If it decides the latter, you cannot proceed to the rest of the 30 levels until you get at least one star. At first, this doesn’t pose much of a challenge, but as you progress, the star standards (which are never revealed to the player) get more difficult and progress can come to a screeching halt.

Unlike the original game, FishLabs made this sequel without Barclaycard’s sponsorship, and clearly decided to provide more content and challenge. They would do better, however, to keep the challenge manageable for a wide range of players, and allow levels to be skipped. Overall, the game’s potential is marred by its limited yet significant shortcomings.

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