Warhammer Quest Announced for iOS

Developer Rodeo Games has just announced that they’ve teamed up with Games Workshop to bring the dungeon adventure board game Warhammer Quest to iOS in spring of 2013. Rodeo’s last game was the terrific Hunters 2, so if anyone can pull off a dungeon-crawling game based in the Warhammer world, it’s probably these folks. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Warhammer Quest puts you in charge of a group of four warriors and sends you into the dungeons of the Old World to grab loot and slaughter monsters. It will be a universal app and will run on the same engine that powered Hunters 2. In the press release, Rodeo Games co-founder Laurent Maguire said:

By using one of our tried and tested game engines we can really focus on developing the parts of Warhammer Quest that made it such a great table-top game; truly unique hero characters and brutal enemies from across all the Warhammer races.

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