War Pinball

War Pinball is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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War Pinball Review

When we think about pinball on the iPhone, only one company comes to mind: Gameprom. This developer has released some of the best pinball games on any electronic platform with Pinball HD, and their latest tables up the intensity with three war-movie themes.

The three movies represented in War Pinball are Missing in Action, Navy Seals, and Platoon. You might recognize a few famous actors from these movies, like Chuck Norris and Charlie Sheen. Each table is loaded with statuettes and poster art, and sound and video clips from the films play as you rack up a high score.

Most unstoppable table art ever.

You’ll also be able to take “missions”, which are usually a complex combination of ramps and bumpers. The rules for each table are laid out in a confusing poster-sized image, and we’d have preferred a more cinematic, interactive tutorial that reveals each table’s hidden features.

But whether you’re a precise pinball pro, or just happy to go into flipper frenzy, War Pinball is a truly great game. The camera can be adjusted to either view the entire table at once, or to fly around dramatically along with the ball. We recommend the flying view, since it really shows off the incredible graphics that will fool you into thinking you’re playing on a physical table.

War Pinball comes with two other nice features. One is online high scores, so you can compare your skills with players from around the world, and the other is a 3D effect. If you’ve got a pair of red and blue 3D glasses, you can turn on a special mode in War Pinball for a limited effect. It’s no Nintendo 3DS, but it’s a neat gimmick.

If you have a fondness for pinball tables and you haven’t tried one of Gameprom’s apps yet, start with War Pinball. It’s probably our favorite collection of theirs so far, and it displays an easy comfort with interpreting a movie license. Let’s also hope we get to see more of our favorite films turned into masterful electronic pinball tables by these incredible developers.

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