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Wackylands Boss Review

In all of our gaming careers, there inevitably comes a time when we face frustration at an incredibly powerful foe, often with a bit of begrudging awe. Well, now you can put the awe aside and become an enormous, bloodthirsty– and occasionally adorable– boss in Chillingo’s latest game from FairPlay Labs.

Wackylands Boss is a game that’s well polished from start to finish. The plot is delivered through various scenes that look hand-drawn, and reminded us a bit of Yoshi’s Story. It begins by telling the tale of a monster whose view was blocked by a castle, so it decided to destroy the castle. You then gain control of your fully customizable monster, and begin wreaking havoc. While you only have a few features to choose from at the start, equipment unlocks as you level up, allowing numerous possibilities of fashion absurdity.

Like a boss.

Of course, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men are mustered to halt your monster’s mayhem. This particular king must be a darn good diplomat too, because you fight a variety of enemies, from archers to ninjas to amazons. Each enemy attacks differently: Knights charge like Scooby Doo, while Link-like heroes throw bombs perform sword spins in the air. Things in the environment can help or hurt you as well, some of the most humorous of which are princesses that you can grab and gobble up to regain health.

The entire control system is based on swipes and taps, leaving the screen uncluttered and the game easy to maneuver. It is not always as responsive as it could be, especially during frenzied boss fights, but it usually functions well. Our other complaint is that your only two options for attacking are light or heavy, and not many combinations exist in between.

You’ll also find a few minigames to accompany the main plot, as well as leaderboards and achievements. What we really love about this game is the fact that the developers infused humorous charm into every bit of it, and then gave it enough polish to set it apart in its field. Chomping down on princesses and destroying castles has never made us smile so frequently– and scary monsters have never been so endearing.

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    New App A Day: WackyLands Boss

    Today’s featured app fits right in with the horde of Halloween titles that has invaded the App Store these past few weeks. WackyLands Boss is a game where you play as the big bad monster who goes around destroying villages and slaughtering the chivalrous knights that try to stop you. What could be more fun than that?

    This isn’t the first play-as-the-bad-guy game, but the concept is so underused that it feels very fresh in WackyLands Boss. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the game is filled with thoughtful and creative touches that would separate it from the crowd even without the monster concept.

    WackyLands Boss is basically a side-scrolling beat-’em-up with RPG elements. To start, you name and design your boss in a process that’s very similar to creating a Wii or Xbox Live avatar. You choose what eyes, mouth, and body type your beast should have, then equip him or her with items you can purchase. For instance, we gave ours a karate headband and a toga. Many items and features require you to reach a certain level before they become available.

    Once you’ve created your boss, you get to dive in and start killing people. Waves of knights and archers come at you, so you need to fend them off using an arsenal of attacks that grows as you progress. Creative touches are everywhere: You eat princesses to recover health, and you can pick up and roll cows at your enemies. At the end of each level you fight a boss that’s just as epically-proportioned as you are.

    The tap- and swipe-based controls are solid, and the production values are high. The game is beautifully animated, with colorful art and plenty of visual charm. You’ll even unlock minigames as you play. So far we’re really enjoying WackyLands Boss and can recommend it to just about anybody who’s tired of playing the good guy.