Vuvuzela Whacker

Vuvuzela Whacker is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Vuvuzela Whacker Review

Dozens of games cross our desks every day, but the majority of them are poorly made, based on farting, or otherwise not worthy of anyone’s attention. Usually we ignore these games so we can cover the ones that you might actually have a modicum of interest in. But Vuvuzela Whacker caught our eye because, like nearly all World Cup watchers, we would do just about anything to MAKE THE NOISE STOP.

Vuvuzela Whacker is a whack-a-mole-style game set in a soccer stadium. Fans begin popping up, some of whom are empty-handed and some of whom are blowing into vuvuzelas. The horn-blowing ones must be tapped. The fans pop up faster and faster as the timer counts down from one minute. You get points for tapping vuvuzela-blowing pests and lose points for tapping the other ones.

Make. It. Stop.

Toward the end of the minute, fans are appearing up faster than you could ever hope to tap, and the ones blowing vuvuzelas make that awful noise– meaning that the game goes from boring to frustrating to downright annoying very quickly. No extra modes or power-ups are present to spice up the gameplay. You won’t find online leaderboards or any reason at all to keep playing after you’ve suffered through a single round.

Like many of the thousands of games on the App Store, Vuvuzela Whacker is worth neither your time or your money. It’s a skeletally thin offering whose only saving grace is its graphics. No matter how much you dislike the swarm-of-bees sound, save yourself the dollar you’d pay for this game and spend it on something worthwhile, like noise-canceling headphones.

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