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Out Now: Cavernaut

Cavernaut is a cave flyer with its roots in classic arcade titles like Lunar Lander, reinvented for the iPhone and iPad: You steer your ship with simple touch and tilt controls through a cave that is randomly generated for every game. Each time you play, there’s a new path through the caves, and all the items and landing pads are in different places.

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Universal Rating: 4+

Cavernaut is a game from Jan Schoenepauck, originally released 22nd September, 2015 for iOS

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Magic Flute by Mozart

Out Now: Magic Flute Mozart

Solve 32 spatial puzzles placed in a beautiful scenery of Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ opera. Armed only in logic, imagination and integrity help Tamino find wisdom, beauty and save the love of his life. Be careful though as in this opera-based story nothing is as it seems…

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Universal Rating: 4+

Magic Flute by Mozart is a game from Lab Like Sp. z o.o., originally released 24th September, 2015 for iOS

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Snail Bob 2

Out Now: Snail Bob 2 from tinyBuild

The award winning physics puzzle game is back!

Bob is a snail who needs your help to traverse dangerous obstacles and avoid bug baddies. Bob will simply crawl onwards regardless of the situation, and your job is to press buttons, activate machines and fill deadly gaps to keep this snail trailing.

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Universal Rating: 4+

Snail Bob 2 is a game from tinyBuild LLC, originally released 24th September, 2015 for iOS

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Out Now: Agrav by Null2

Curve spacetime to escape a strange dimension! AGRAV lets you control gravity itself: Create black holes at the touch of your fingertips, and guide your lost space ship along carefully plotted trajectories.

AGRAV is a love letter to gaming’s golden era, with unique controls, colorful vector graphics, and a trippy electronica soundtrack by DJ Glow.

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AGRAV is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Out Now: Astra

Astrå is the adventure of Hemera, the goddess of daylight. Help her fight darkness, and discover the wonders and secrets of the unique Astrå universe.

• Arcade action.
• Unique art, music and gameplay.
• Designed for touch screen. Simple one touch controls.
• Auto-runner platformer with space physics.
• Go explore, solve small puzzles, and discover secrets.
• Master the game in order to compete in the Game Center.
• 30 levels to explore.

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Universal Rating: 4+

Astrå is a game from Pablo Molina Garcia, originally released 24th September, 2015 for iOS

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Forgotten Ball

Out Now: Forgotten Ball from Joshua Croft

This game looks great — cross between a maze game and maybe Fez?

A classically inspired modern ball simulation platformer. Control a singular ball through a cubic towering labyrinth. Overcome challenging platforms and puzzles whilst ascending a seamless connected huge world. Forgotten Ball is based in a huge world, are you able to reach the top of this labyrinth?

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Universal Rating: 4+

Forgotten Ball is a game from joshua croft, originally released 22nd September, 2015 for iOS

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Land Sliders

Out Now: Land Sliders from Prettygreat

Some of the smartest minds from Halfbrick Studios left recently and formed Prettygreat — and this is their first game!

Welcome to the control revolution – slide the entire world, just like scrolling a map! Start an instant adventure across infinite levels, helping 50 unlikely heroes collect their favorite swag for high score and glory!

Cheese? Unicorns? Planets? All for the taking, with many more secrets to discover in the wild world of Land Sliders.

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Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $4.99) Universal Rating: 9+

Land Sliders is a game from Prettygreat Pty. Ltd., originally released 24th September, 2015 for iOS

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[Sponsored] AZZL - The Animation Puzzle Game where Fun is Inevitable

Many thanks to AZZL for sponsoring Slide to Play this week.

AZZL is an entertaining hybrid of a game and a cartoon charged with emotions and jokes. Available exclusively in the App Store, AZZL is suitable for all ages and features brilliant artwork, beautiful animation, and unique, loveable characters that promise to turn an ordinary day into one full of fun, laughs, and endless puzzle-solving joy.

AZZL features innovative gameplay, unique puzzles, and even a few secrets hidden in the games nearly 100 stories. To solve each of the puzzles, users have to tap, move, swipe, and rotate animated pieces that include squares, zigzags, waves, hexagons, triangles, circles and more.

Check out AZZL developer Jutiful on the web, Facebook, and Twitter for more.

AZZL is a premium game without IAP and available now in the iOS App Store.

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Posted September 23, 2015 by

Universal Rating: 4+

AZZL is a game from Jutiful, originally released 24th September, 2015 for iOS

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