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Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Story Trailer Now Available

Psychoz Interactive’s highly anticipated survival horror game Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities is coming to iOS (and other platforms) on April 23. The extended story trailer is perfectly creepy and exhibits some pretty great-looking graphics for the iOS version of the game.

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Get Revenge on “Mario” With Kill the Plumber

Mario’s been outwitting his enemies for decades, but to be fair, Bowser’s minions are as dumb as bricks. Kill the Plumber is a mobile action game that lets players attempt to turn the tables and stomp Mario as a bad guy. Of course, no licensed Nintendo characters appear in the game; there’s only copyright-friendly replacements.

Kill the Plumber should be out sometime later this year.

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Footage of Fan Created Super Mario 64 Running on an iPhone 6

Despite Nintendo’s announcement about is foray into mobile game development, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see the action classic Super Mario 64 on smartphones. That’s where the fans come in. One skilled programmer, Erik Roystan Ross, rendered a version of the first stage of Super Mario 64 in Unity for play on iPhone 6. Touch Arcade went hands-on with the demo.

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Ticklefluff is Squeezy Tickly Fun

Ticklefluff is an adorable game that’s all about keeping a sentient piece of fluff happy by doing what it requests. This may include poking it, stroking it, and squeezing it. It’s a lot more innocent than it sounds, as AppSpy’s hands-on with the game demonstrates.

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