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Finger Derpy Coming Later This Month

Thoroughbred racehorses. Such beautiful animals. Until you remove their legs and replace them with fingers. Finger Derpy is a tapping game that challenges you to keep your steed on a straight path by tapping your device’s screen with the proper rhythm. Needless to say, it’s harder than it sounds. Look for the game later this month.

If you can tap your fingers with the proper timing your horse will run straight. Tap out of sequence and your horse will run around as if trying to perform an interpretive dance of derpyness. There’s a party mode for four players, or a single player infinite horse race mode where your horse is trying to “escape” the finish line.

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Lonnie Plays Fast & Furious: Legacy

Are you prepared for the mega action movie Furious 7, releasing on April 2? Of course you’re not. You can’t possibly be. But Fast & Furious 7 has launched on iOS and YouTuber Lonnie is on the case. Watch him get a load of this game and talk about it (without taking a breath).

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Hands-On Impressions of Blitz Breaker

If you need more adorable twitch games in your life (and we all do), you’ll want to keep an eye on Blitz Breaker. It’s coming later in 2015, and AppSpy has some hands-on footage of the title.

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Lonnie Plays Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a great mashup of classic Final Fantasy games. It’s a little complicated to diveĀ into all at once, though, particularly if you’re not familiar with the games it’s based on. Let’s see how the young YouTuber Lonnie, who’s never played a Final Fantasy game before, feels about it.

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