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Hands-On Impressions of Blitz Breaker

If you need more adorable twitch games in your life (and we all do), you’ll want to keep an eye on Blitz Breaker. It’s coming later in 2015, and AppSpy has some hands-on footage of the title.

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Lonnie Plays Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a great mashup of classic Final Fantasy games. It’s a little complicated to dive into all at once, though, particularly if you’re not familiar with the games it’s based on. Let’s see how the young YouTuber Lonnie, who’s never played a Final Fantasy game before, feels about it.

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Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Story Trailer Now Available

Psychoz Interactive’s highly anticipated survival horror game Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities is coming to iOS (and other platforms) on April 23. The extended story trailer is perfectly creepy and exhibits some pretty great-looking graphics for the iOS version of the game.

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Get Revenge on “Mario” With Kill the Plumber

Mario’s been outwitting his enemies for decades, but to be fair, Bowser’s minions are as dumb as bricks. Kill the Plumber is a mobile action game that lets players attempt to turn the tables and stomp Mario as a bad guy. Of course, no licensed Nintendo characters appear in the game; there’s only copyright-friendly replacements.

Kill the Plumber should be out sometime later this year.

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