Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Pandas HD for iPad Developer Trailer

AVAILABLE ON THE APP STORE NOW: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pirates-vs-ninjas-vs-zombies/id396930625?mt=8

http://www.pvnvzvp.com – http://www.panvisiongames.com

The story of how it all began…

Rampaging through a deep bamboo forest in their endless hunt for buried treasure, Captain Ashbeard’s rum-soaked pirate crew hacked unwittingly through the den of the pandas, until they disturbed the “Fat Panda” leader from his tree high in the sky.

With one swipe of the Pirate’s blade the Fat Panda fell and tumbled like an out of control juggernaut towards the sacred land of the Ninja Masters and their ancient lotus grove. Furious and silently outraged the Ninjas watched as the Fat Panda barreled through their spiritual garden destroying all in his path.

Eventually, the Fat Panda came to rest crashing into the cursed graveyard, the domain of the Zombie King and his army of the undead. Disturbed from a 1000 year slumber the zombie army rose to face those who would dare awake them from their deathly rest.

It was at this tense moment that the Pirates, Ninjas, Zombies and Pandas faced off against one another. The Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas war had begun!

Commenting on the escalating situation, here’s what the faction representatives had to say:

Captain Ashbeard — “who arrrrr you? Is there any more rum?”

Nigel the Ninja — “ninjas don’t speak, we are silent and deadly….. oh wait, can I start again?”

The Zombie formerly known as Alan –“Braaaaaaiiins…”

An anonymous Panda — “The Pandas are not willing to comment on the situation at this time”

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