Outcast Odyssey from Bandai Namco Coming Soon

I know, what we all really want is another card battler! Developed by Magic Pixel games and soon to be published by Bandai Namco Games, this one supposedly has features we haven’t seen before. I’m holding back any enthusiasm until I get to go hands-on.

Some of the special features noted by Bandai Namco:

Players will explore dangerous lands and collect beautifully hand drawn
cards by the top comic book artists in industry. They can form guilds,
battle players to prove skill and increase strength.

A special feature of Outcast Odyssey allows players to collect and
evolve hundreds of cards to create the ultimate deck. Each card
includes parallax effects and all of the cards have incredible VFX to
fuel the explosive power of your cards.

Magic Pixel Games Lead Designer, Jonathan Durr notes on the art from the game:

“The goal was to have a variety of art styles for the cards in Outcast
Odyssey, Chuck Pires, with his vibrant art style, plus Warren Louw and his gorgeous rendering, were exactly the visual game experience that we were after. We were blown away with their contributions to the game and can’t wait to show them off.”

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