Hard Lines Developer Trailer

Take on all comers, avoid collisions and score MILLIONS of points in this stunning game of skill and quick reflexes. Guide Lionel through the deadly walled arenas and make sure you don’t crash into an enemy’s tail — all the while trying to smash them into your own luminous trail. Outwit the AI in a never-ending quest for points and glory on the worldwide leaderboards!

Aim to beat your personal best or compete against friend’s high scores over 6 distinctly fast, fun and frantic gameplay modes.

Inspired by classic arcade games from years gone by, we’ve brought them kicking and screaming onto your iOS device! Screen-searing graphics, a bass-thumping retro soundtrack and endless replay value make this must-play package unlike anything else you’ve seen.

Coming Early June 2011


6 game modes
Regular updates — new modes, music and challenges
Endless replay value

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