Cows Vs Aliens Developer Trailer

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*****Cows vs Aliens*****

Cows vs Aliens has gotten amazing critical reviews and is mooooving to the top of the charts! Jump on board and check out the cool touch interface we created and restore chaos to the farm! Aliens are invading and you need to save your cows by herding them into the barn as fast as possible.

Cows vs Aliens, the newest game from XMG Studio, has a fun, unique multi-touch interface to squeeze as many cows through the barn doors as possible.

Watch the clock! If you’re too slow it’s game over for you, cowboy. And you’ll soon learn that some beefy beasts are more valuable than others. And the more heifers you herd at one time the higher your multiplier.

Retina display-optimized graphics make it look great on any device!

iTunes link: Cows vs Aliens – ($0.99)

For more info check out XMG Studio:!/xmgstudio

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