Aqua Globs Trailer

So you like challenge? Better be ready for this one!

Become Master of crazy hordes of mindless globs and guide them to collect points and unlock goals on your way to the top.

Aqua Globs is fun tantalizingly addictive game! Very easy to get into with the main aim to gain points by joining cute wiggly globs. But watch out! You only have three lives, and the blue and orange globs don’t like each other!

Will you be able to handle the gaining speed as time goes on? Before you know it, the globs are coming from every angle! Keep your cool to navigate the little foolish creatures! Aqua Globs is an entertainingly strategic game where agility and quick thinking are essential.


* Online high scores

* Trophies: Gain Glob Trophies as you challenge yourself, and share it will friends by uploading them online.

* 3 types of cute cartoon-like Globs: blue, orange, and the wild card…green!

* 3 x Fast Forward: Brave enough to speed it up a notch for a real challenge? Fast forward up to 3 times normal speed.

* Auto Save: Don’t worry about losing all your well-earned points mid-game… Aqua Globs has got you covered!

* Pause Feature: Someone wants to interrupt your Aqua Globs game?! The nerve! Well, a pause button is there for irritating situations like that as well.

* Optional sound effects & music: Choose whether to listen to our amusing sound effects & music or listen to your iTunes music…we won’t be offended.

* Interactive Tutorial: Need a bit of practice before trying the real deal? Then try our interactive tutorial which guides you through the basics.

* Flexible play: Whether you have 1 minute or 30, Aqua Globs can keep you blissfully absorbed.

* Simple but cute graphics.

* Incredibly addictive, strategic and surprisingly invigorating!

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