Video Meltdown: Indiana Jones, Infinity Project, Pig Rush, and Woolly the Jumper

Video whiz kid Phil Synowiec has been at his camcorder again, gathering hands-on gameplay footage of four interesting iPhone games, some of which appeared on the store in 2009. Click on to see them in action.

This first game, Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles, has been traveling on and off the App Store for months, possibly because “there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away”. It’s a Match-3 type game set in exotic temples, full of traps and snakes. We hate snakes. Check out our review here.

The Infinity Project is a sci-fi FPS that recently received a big user-interface makeover. This video is from the latest version.

Pig Rush could best be described as Canabalt with a piggy. You tap the screen to jump over obstacles at different heights.

Woolly the Jumper is a sheepish platformer featuring some really interesting hand-drawn artwork.

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