Verizon Subscribers Keen on iPhone

With Apple’s contract with AT&T likely to see the iPhone remain exclusively on the network until some time in 2012, the chances of Verizon getting its hands on the device seem slimmer than ever.

Yet, rumors persist that both Verizon and Apple continue to woo each other– and with the news that a large portion of the carrier’s userbase would pick up an iPhone at launch, there’s certainly money to be made if Apple decides to pick up a second operator.

That’s according to a report that claims almost 17 percent of all Verizon subscribers would be interested in purchasing an iPhone on the network. All Things Digital claims such a figure would translate to healthy sales of around 7 to 8 million iPhones a year.

“According to our [survey], there is substantial pent up iPhone demand within the Verizon installed base as 16.8 percent of Verizon subscribers said they are “very likely” to purchase an iPhone if offered on the Verizon Network,” Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty stated, according to the website.

“This 16.8 percent is higher than AT&T subscriber’s 14.6 percent extreme interest in the current AT&T iPhone, and well above the overall iPhone extreme interest of 7.5 percent.”

Given the iPhone’s current US userbase is estimated to stand at 10.7 million (according to the latest statistics released by AdMob) through AT&T sales alone, an annual boost of at least 7 million additional units would help stretch Apple’s lead over Android by some distance.

[Via All Things Digital]

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